The ability to develop and use vaccines has revolutionized the history of human health care. The use of vaccines has given society the ability to improve the health of everyone and save lives. Vaccination can be a tool for controlling, eliminating, or nearly eliminating many life-threatening diseases.

Today, vaccines can be defined as biological preparations containing attenuated or killed pathogens or any other component, including peptides, proteins, DNA, mRNA or polysaccharides, which when injected, can help protect an individual against a possible future infection.

At ARTES, we transfer microbial cell lines and processes for VLP-based vaccines. Our customers have successfully completed clinical trials at EMA and US-FDA for various vaccines

The VLP production processes we offer result in highly immunogenic vaccines with a cost of goods of significantly below than 1 Euro per dose.

All cell lines listed are based on our safe and high-yield yeast expression system Hansenula polymorpha.

ready for transfer
ProductManufactured inMarketed in / Licensed to:Deliverables
Hepati­tis ByeastIndia, Indonesia, Thailand, USARCB (pre-MCB) USP, DSP, IPC/QC
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
(L1-6; -11; -16; -18)
yeastIndia, Indonesia, Thailand, USARCB (pre-MCB) USP, DSP, IPC/QC
Under development
ProductManufactured in:
Avian Fluyeast
Hepatitis Eyeast
LymeE. coli
West Nile Virus (WNV)yeast

We also have a selection of ready-t-use cell lines and processes for enzymes or biosimilars.

To receive a quote, please contact us at info(at) and indicate the name of the vaccine you are interested in. We will get back to you with a specific quote including delivery time and cost.