Technology Transfer

Saving time and money ?!  Ready-to-use cell lines and production processes are the answer!

For a broad list of recombinant protein products, we at ARTES have “ready-to-use” processes available.

Proprietary cell lines, product samples and process documentation are the core of our know-how that we transfer for all products we offer and license. Complete technology transfer documentation includes cell line generation and characterization, fermentation process, downstream protocol for production of unformulated bulk product, and required in-process control/quality control assays.

This material transfer is complemented by intensive training by us at our facility at ARTES. Follow-up support is provided either on-site or via video call and, if required, through support in the purchasing and engineering phases. We transfer the technology either to your manufacturing site or to a dedicated CMO of your choice.

We assure you: we take care of your needs!

We license our patented and unpatented know-how. The terms and conditions are mutually agreed with you on a case-by-case business model: non-exclusive or exclusive, regional or global licenses, lump sum payments or milestone based payments and royalties. Together with you as our customer, we will find the most efficient and fair model.

Our technology transfer services include:

  • transfer of biological material and documentation
  • demonstration runs at ARTES

Optional modules:

  • implementation support
  • engineering support
  • procurement support