ARTES Biotechnology

To describe ARTES Biotechnology in a nutshell: we are globally working, well established and a reliable technology provider for recombinant protein production. We are experts in the field of developing microbial cell lines and processes for your target protein of choice – that can be a vaccine, a biopharmaceutical, a biosimilar and/or enzyme. We have also a broad spectrum of ready-to-transfer processes for a wide range of products

Our high experience team is available for tailor-made projects for the most efficient solution. We are experts in trouble-shooting and in the set-up of manufacturing processes.

All platform technologies (cell lines and antigen presentation) ensure freedom-to-operate and are protected by patents and trade secrets. ARTES is available to negotiate exclusive license terms.

International registrations including US-FDA, EMA and non-regulated market administrations approvals, GRAS certifications and WHO recommendation are part of the track record achieved in our international collaborations. Large-scale manufacturing and full analytics in accordance with cGMP guidelines are warranted in collaboration with partners.