Facility, Equipment and Location

ARTES operates from its newly equipped ~875 m² S1 facilities in Langenfeld, Germany. The company is specialized in development of recombinant protein production processes from microbial expression systems. Our facility includes  fully equipped lab and office space across two levels.

  • 300 m² offices
  • 530 m² laboratory which includes:
    • 265 m² dedicated to molecular biology (S1)
    • 235 m² dedicated to process development / pilot plants (S1)
    • 30 m² for miscellaneous use

Genetic engineering

fully equipped for:

  • cloning
  • transformation
  • cultivation
  • mutagenesis
  • PCR/qPCR analysis
  • characterization of cell banks


protein analysis equipped with:

  • SDS-PAGE, blots, ELISA, HPLC and enzyme assays
  • particle size analysis (DLS)
  • impurity analysis (HCP, HCN, lipids, carbohydrates, endotoxins)

Process Development

fermentation and process development equipped with:

  • 6 x 0.5 L / 2 x 3 L parallel fermentation units (glass vessels)
  • chromatography units
  • filtration units
  • bowl centrifuges

Pilot Scale Unit

manufacturing using:

  • 15 L stainless steel fermentation unit
  • bowl centrifuge
  • flow-through cell disintegrators (homogenizer and bead mill)
  • Äkta Pilot MPLC (process scale columns up to 3 L volume)
  • Sartorius TFF (up to 1.5 m² filtration area)