Vaccine Development Platforms

Virus-like Particles (VLPs) are nanoscale structures that self-assemble and mimic the structure of native viruses without being infectious. Due to their stability, size, and multivalence, VLPs are excellently suited as a basis for vaccines. They provide a safer alternative to attenuated or inactivated vaccines. They are able to induce potent cellular and humoral immune responses and can be produced recombinantly in microbial expression systems without the risk of contamination with infectious viruses. Another possibility is to use them as a packaging tool for nucleic acids and drug substances, as they can transport agents.

Our vaccine technology platform is based on enveloped Virus-like Particles (eVLPs) derived from the recombinant surface antigen of the duck hepatitis B virus (dS) or on capsid Virus-like Particles (cVLPs) derived from the core Hepatitis B antigen. Our vaccine platform, combined with our efficient and proven microbial expression platforms, is the best choice for economically producing a safe and effective vaccine that meets your needs.

Our vaccine platform technology enables efficient expression, folding, and presentation of the target antigen on the surface of chimeric VLPs. These nanostructures enhance recognition and uptake by antigen-presenting cells, resulting in a potent immune response against your target antigen.

The technology platform is well-established in various customer development projects.

Preclinical studies have demonstrated the safety, tolerability, and high immunogenicity of adjuvant-free vaccine candidates for diseases such as swine flu, malaria, HIV, and Lyme disease.

METAVAX® – designed for the development of novel, highly immunogenic nanoparticle vaccines in human and animal health

Our platform METAVAX®, efficiently expresses, folds, and presents your target antigen on the surface of VLPs. It has been successfully utilized in various vaccine development projects for both human and animal targets.

Features of METAVAX®:

  • well suited for human and veterinary vaccines
  • presentation of large target antigens and conformational epitopes
  • versatile expression of targets as e.g. N- or C-terminal fusion proteins
  • rapid feasibility studies by generic processes and analytics

Hep-B Core – development of vaccine candidates based on proprietary antigen presentation by Virus-like Particles

We offer two different presentation forms for the development of capsid Virus-like Particles (cVLPS): the traditional single chain HB Core and a novel Hep-B Core scaffold (SplitCore). This ensures optimal integration and presentation of structurally different antigens.

Features of Hep-B Core:

  • self-assembling into protein-only capsid VLPs (no host lipids)
  • with or without nucleic acid binding domain for modulation of the immunogenicity (adjuvant effect of nucleic acid)
  • for presentation of epitopes and antigens up to 50 kDa
  • supports drug delivery applications (encapsulation of actives)
  • produced in yeast or in E. coli at high productivity rates
  • platform for presentation of large proteins, structurally complex and dimeric proteins