Strategic cooperation between ARTES Biotechnology and PAC

Artes and PAC join forces and combine their technologies and know-how.

ARTES Biotechnology specializes in recombinant protein production, process development in microbial expression systems and is a technology provider for pharmaceutical processes, while PAC (Peschek Analytic Consulting) is highly skilled in the field of protein analysis and quality control. Together with PAC, ARTES will now prospectively offer analysis of product quality control along side determination and quantification of by-products and/or process related residuals. The method analysis portfolio of PAC allows ARTES to offer method development and validation in accordance with GMP guidelines in the following analytical methods as HPLC-UV/DAD, Mass Spectrometry Ion Trap (LC-ESI/APCI MS/MS), Mass spectrometry Quadrupole (LC-ESI-MS), Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Capillary Electrophoresis, Dynamic Light Scattering and Electron Microscopy.