ARTES uses one of the most impor­tant indus­tri­al expres­sion sys­tems, the methy­lotroph­ic yeast Hansenu­la poly­mor­pha (syn. Pichia angus­ta). For our plat­form tech­nol­o­gy, we have all rel­e­vant IP rights as well as unpatent know-how. Our exper­tise is on trou­ble-shoot­ing and project man­age­ment. ARTES ensures 100% free­dom-to-oper­ate for all clients and licensees and guar­an­tees a smooth and high stan­dard project progress.

Fea­tures of Hansenu­la tech­nol­o­gy platform:

  • large tool­box (e.g. expres­sion vec­tors, secre­tion sig­nals, chaperones)
  • sta­ble co-expres­sion of mul­ti­ple genes
  • high copy pro­duc­tion cell lines with up to 120 genes per cell
  • 100% sta­bil­i­ty of pro­duc­tion cell lines for so far > 25 years
  • absence of aller­gens, tox­ins and viral contaminations
  • secret­ed prod­ucts with­out con­t­a­m­i­nat­ing host cell pro­teins (> 90% puri­ty in fer­men­ta­tion broth)
  • high yield pro­duc­tion of intra-cel­lu­lar sol­u­ble proteins
  • meta­bol­ic engi­neer­ing for design of whole-cell biocatalysts
  • organ­ism known at and rec­om­mend­ed by a.o. US-FDA, EMA, EFSA and WHO
  • antibi­ot­ic resis­tance free host vec­tor system