Pharmaceuticals – Flavours – Fragrances – Cosmetic Ingredients – Fine Chemicals

Whole-cell catalysts can act as highly specific, reusable tools in the manufacture of various fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fragrances and cosmetic ingredients. Conversion of low cost substrate into high value product can be realized in highly sustainable processes. While chemical reactions generally result in consequences such as production of waste streams containing various toxic acids and heavy metals and generation of undesired by-products, innovative processes involving yeast based whole-cell biocatalysts generate pure product at high efficiency and without unwanted, hazardous waste.

With ARTES´ yeast technology complex biosynthetic pathways can be stably implemented and reusable biocatalysts can be manufactured at large scale and low costs.

Examples of Hansenula based biocatalytic conversions:

  • production of enantiomeric pure alcohols (1-S-phenylethanol, …
  • production of pyruvic acid and glyoxylic acid
  • production of Ectoin resp. Hydroxy-Ectoin as substances in cosmetics
  • production of cell-wall anchored enzymes; e.g. Candida antarctica Lipase B (CalB)