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Features of ARTES´ Hansenula polymorpha protein production platform

Heterolougus production of holoproteins containing a co-factor and/or prosthetic group in Hansenula polymorpha –  White Paper available

ARTES 20th Year Anniversary – a short overview

Cellumed and ARTES Sign Development and License Agreement

VLP Purification Patent granted in US

ARTES is pleased to announce the enlargement of the protective aera for their VLP development  and production platform patent . The patent is about a

Method for Separating of Viruslike Particles from a Cell Suspension” and now valid in Europe and US.

VLP purification patent granted in EU

Artes is pleased to announce the issuance of a new patent for their VLP development  and production platform. The patent is about a

“Method for Separating of Viruslike Particles from a Cell Suspension”.


ARTES and Burnet Institute publish data on new malaria vaccine candidates

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Novel Virus-Like Particle Vaccine Encoding the Circumsporozoite Protein of Plasmodium falciparum Is Immunogenic and Induces Functional Antibody Responses in Mice.

ARTES backs “Initiative against Corona”

Never again 2020: Let’s get vaccinated –

“Initiative against Corona” calls for vaccinations

Health service provider NOVENTI and the four leading vaccine manufacturers in Germany want to increase the population’s willingness to vaccinate through a Germany-wide campaign
– “Dispute must give way to factual clarification” posters for all 19,000 pharmacies in Germany, among others

“Never again 2020: Let’s get vaccinated.” This is the motto of the nationwide campaign by health service provider NOVENTI as part of the “Initiative against Corona.” Its aim is to relieve the population of concerns about vaccination through objective education and intensify the fight against the corona virus. The initiative is supported by the leading vaccine manufacturers BioNTech, CureVac, Artes Biotechnology and IDT Biologika. Posters to be posted in display windows have been delivered to all 19,000 pharmacies in Germany.

According to a Heidelberg University study, only 46 percent of people living in Germany are currently willing to be vaccinated. However, in order to get the Covid 19 pandemic under control and relieve the health system, a significantly higher vaccination rate of around 60 to 70 percent is important, according to WHO. Therefore, the campaign’s aim is to increase willingness in Germany to vaccinate.

“Factual information is the best immunization against vaccination doubts”

“Pharmacists are the on-site health experts who can provide information about vaccination against Covid-19 individually and nationwide throughout Germany,” says Dr. Hermann Sommer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE. “We use this fact to continue our ‘Initiative against Corona,’ because factual information is the best immunization against rampant vaccination doubts. We must address that now – regardless of the current amount of vaccine – because personal attitudes are slow to change. Factual clarification must prevail over the currently prevailing dispute. Because this unsettles the population and reduces the willingness to vaccinate. We need competent content-related contacts for the population – such as the pharmacists – and role models from all parts of society who carry the topic in their hearts. Because it’s a matter of each individual’s life.”

“Pharmacies as a place for content-related information”

“It is important that people who are worried about the COVID-19 vaccine can obtain information based on facts and that they also feel fully informed,” emphasizes Dr. Michael Boehler, Managing Director for BioNTech in Germany, which has developed a vaccine against Covid-19 in collaboration with the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer. “The ‘Initiative against Corona’ brings discussions about vaccination to the right place for content-related information: in the pharmacies.” Franz-Werner Haas, CEO of the Tübingen-based biotech company CureVac, is convinced that willingness to vaccinate can be increased “if serious and independent contacts such as pharmacies provide information and recommend vaccination. That is why we are happy to support NOVENTI’s ‘Initiative against Corona’.”

“It only happens by working together – regardless of nationality, origin or religion”

“The campaign motto aims at the wish that is certainly at the top of most people’s wish-lists for the new year: Never again 2020,” explains Dr. Silvio Kusche, CMO of NOVENTI. “That only happens by working together. With our overarching initiative, we actually want to address everyone living in Germany and have therefore implemented the motifs in the five most frequently spoken languages​in Germany, namely German, English, French, Russian and Turkish. Media partner among others is the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet. Because the pandemic affects us all, regardless of nationality, origin or religion. In addition to technical competence, pharmacies are also ideal for the coverage, because they have – in contrast to medical practices, clinics and vaccination centers – large shop windows that everyone passes. That’s what we use for our poster campaign.”


NOVENTI bears the costs for producing and distributing the posters, and the four vaccine manufacturers lend support by providing information about the vaccinations. You can find more information and the poster motif “Never again 2020” at and