VLP Purification Patent granted in US

ARTES is pleased to announce the enlarge­ment of the pro­tec­tive aera for their VLP devel­op­ment  and pro­duc­tion plat­form patent . The patent is about a

Method for Sep­a­rat­ing of Virus­like Par­ti­cles from a Cell Sus­pen­sion” and now valid in Europe and US.

VLP purification patent granted in EU

Artes is pleased to announce the issuance of a new patent for their VLP devel­op­ment  and pro­duc­tion plat­form. The patent is about a

Method for Sep­a­rat­ing of Virus­like Par­ti­cles from a Cell Suspension”.


ARTES and Burnet Institute publish data on new malaria vaccine candidates

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Nov­el Virus-Like Par­ti­cle Vac­cine Encod­ing the Cir­cum­sporo­zoite Pro­tein of Plas­mod­i­um fal­ci­parum Is Immuno­genic and Induces Func­tion­al Anti­body Respons­es in Mice.

ARTES backs “Initiative against Corona”

Never again 2020: Let’s get vaccinated -

Initiative against Corona” calls for vaccinations

Health service provider NOVENTI and the four leading vaccine manufacturers in Germany want to increase the population’s willingness to vaccinate through a Germany-wide campaign
- “Dispute must give way to factual clarification” posters for all 19,000 pharmacies in Germany, among others

Nev­er again 2020: Let’s get vac­ci­nat­ed.” This is the mot­to of the nation­wide cam­paign by health ser­vice provider NOVENTI as part of the “Ini­tia­tive against Coro­na.” Its aim is to relieve the pop­u­la­tion of con­cerns about vac­ci­na­tion through objec­tive edu­ca­tion and inten­si­fy the fight against the coro­na virus. The ini­tia­tive is sup­port­ed by the lead­ing vac­cine man­u­fac­tur­ers BioN­Tech, Cure­Vac, Artes Biotech­nol­o­gy and IDT Biologi­ka. Posters to be post­ed in dis­play win­dows have been deliv­ered to all 19,000 phar­ma­cies in Germany.

Accord­ing to a Hei­del­berg Uni­ver­si­ty study, only 46 per­cent of peo­ple liv­ing in Ger­many are cur­rent­ly will­ing to be vac­ci­nat­ed. How­ev­er, in order to get the Covid 19 pan­dem­ic under con­trol and relieve the health sys­tem, a sig­nif­i­cant­ly high­er vac­ci­na­tion rate of around 60 to 70 per­cent is impor­tant, accord­ing to WHO. There­fore, the campaign’s aim is to increase will­ing­ness in Ger­many to vaccinate.

Fac­tu­al infor­ma­tion is the best immu­niza­tion against vac­ci­na­tion doubts”

Phar­ma­cists are the on-site health experts who can pro­vide infor­ma­tion about vac­ci­na­tion against Covid-19 indi­vid­u­al­ly and nation­wide through­out Ger­many,” says Dr. Her­mann Som­mer, CEO of NOVENTI Health SE. “We use this fact to con­tin­ue our ‘Ini­tia­tive against Coro­na,’ because fac­tu­al infor­ma­tion is the best immu­niza­tion against ram­pant vac­ci­na­tion doubts. We must address that now — regard­less of the cur­rent amount of vac­cine — because per­son­al atti­tudes are slow to change. Fac­tu­al clar­i­fi­ca­tion must pre­vail over the cur­rent­ly pre­vail­ing dis­pute. Because this unset­tles the pop­u­la­tion and reduces the will­ing­ness to vac­ci­nate. We need com­pe­tent con­tent-relat­ed con­tacts for the pop­u­la­tion — such as the phar­ma­cists — and role mod­els from all parts of soci­ety who car­ry the top­ic in their hearts. Because it’s a mat­ter of each individual’s life.”

Phar­ma­cies as a place for con­tent-relat­ed information”

It is impor­tant that peo­ple who are wor­ried about the COVID-19 vac­cine can obtain infor­ma­tion based on facts and that they also feel ful­ly informed,” empha­sizes Dr. Michael Boehler, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor for BioN­Tech in Ger­many, which has devel­oped a vac­cine against Covid-19 in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the US phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal com­pa­ny Pfiz­er. “The ‘Ini­tia­tive against Coro­na’ brings dis­cus­sions about vac­ci­na­tion to the right place for con­tent-relat­ed infor­ma­tion: in the phar­ma­cies.” Franz-Wern­er Haas, CEO of the Tübin­gen-based biotech com­pa­ny Cure­Vac, is con­vinced that will­ing­ness to vac­ci­nate can be increased “if seri­ous and inde­pen­dent con­tacts such as phar­ma­cies pro­vide infor­ma­tion and rec­om­mend vac­ci­na­tion. That is why we are hap­py to sup­port NOVEN­TI’s ‘Ini­tia­tive against Corona’.”

It only hap­pens by work­ing togeth­er — regard­less of nation­al­i­ty, ori­gin or religion”

The cam­paign mot­to aims at the wish that is cer­tain­ly at the top of most peo­ple’s wish-lists for the new year: Nev­er again 2020,” explains Dr. Sil­vio Kusche, CMO of NOVENTI. “That only hap­pens by work­ing togeth­er. With our over­ar­ch­ing ini­tia­tive, we actu­al­ly want to address every­one liv­ing in Ger­many and have there­fore imple­ment­ed the motifs in the five most fre­quent­ly spo­ken languages​in Ger­many, name­ly Ger­man, Eng­lish, French, Russ­ian and Turk­ish. Media part­ner among oth­ers is the Turk­ish news­pa­per Hür­riyet. Because the pan­dem­ic affects us all, regard­less of nation­al­i­ty, ori­gin or reli­gion. In addi­tion to tech­ni­cal com­pe­tence, phar­ma­cies are also ide­al for the cov­er­age, because they have — in con­trast to med­ical prac­tices, clin­ics and vac­ci­na­tion cen­ters — large shop win­dows that every­one pass­es. That’s what we use for our poster campaign.”


NOVENTI bears the costs for pro­duc­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing the posters, and the four vac­cine man­u­fac­tur­ers lend sup­port by pro­vid­ing infor­ma­tion about the vac­ci­na­tions. You can find more infor­ma­tion and the poster motif “Nev­er again 2020” at www.initiative-gegen-corona.de and www.noventi.de.

ARTES joins global combat against Corona

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