ARTES and Minapharm joint forces

ARTES Biotechnology GmbH, Germany, and Minapharm Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries S.A.E., Egypt, jointly announced today the formation of a new strategic business pact, offering packet solution for biopharmaceutical processes .


Aim of this new strategic business cooperation is to jointly out-license combinations of ARTES’ and Minapharm’s respective proprietary technologies and products to third parties worldwide. Both partners own and control technologies for microbial and mammalian recombinant cell lines, processes and products.

The already existing and established partnership among the companies bases on a successful, long lasting business relationship. In this, ARTES acts as specialist for microbial cell line and process development for recombinant proteins and Minapharm on the other hand is the major player for production and marketing of bio-pharmaceuticals in the MENA region.

“With the combination of ARTES’ and Minapharm’s business intelligence and service solutions future clients will benefit from our latest, innovative developments ”, Dr. Michael Piontek, Managing director of ARTES stated, “and will get robust, proven manufacturing experience and product registration.” Proven safety and efficacy of products will team up with high yield and low cost manufacturing technology.

“The established alliance with ARTES continuously confirms Minapharm’s position as a regional biotech leader. Our emergence as such contributes to a radical shift in both innovation and affordability of biopharmaceuticals as a function of time. We have been able to demonstrate the viability of our strategy to offer patients in the developing world with a timely benefit of novel therapeutic proteins. Our biopharmaceutical pipeline portfolio reflects great potential to expand our strategy and offers solutions for the management of medical emergencies. We are glad that ARTES is sharing our vision” said Frank Mueller, Senior Manager Biopharmaceutical Projects of Minapharm.