ARTES offers a range of enzyme pro­duc­ing cell lines and process­es for out-licens­ing and tech­nol­o­gy trans­fer. All list­ed cell lines are based on our safe and high yield yeast expres­sion sys­tems Hansenu­la poly­mor­pha or E.coli.

NameDonor organ­ismEC num­ber
Phy­taseAspergillus ficu­um3.1.3.8
CalB LipaseCan­di­da antarctica3.1.1.3
Endoglu­canase IITri­cho­der­ma reesei3.2.1.4
Algi­nate EpimeraseAzo­to­bac­ter vinelandii5.1.3
D‑Galac­tose-1-Dehy­dro­ge­naseXan­thomonas campestris1.1.1.48
3‑al­pha-Hydrox­ys­teroid-Dehy­dro­ge­nasePseudomonas spec.
Cel­lobio­hy­dro­lase ITri­cho­der­ma viride3.2.1.91
Cel­lobio­hy­dro­lase IITri­cho­der­ma reesei3.2.1.91
Endoglu­canase ITri­cho­der­ma reesei3.2.1.4
alpha-Man­nosi­daseAspergillus saitoi3.2.1.113
alpha-Amy­laseSchwan­niomyces occidentalis3.2.1.1
endo-ß‑1,4‑XylanasePeni­cil­li­um simplicissimum3.2.1.8
Pro­teinAsyn­thet­ic based on Staphy­lo­coc­cus aureusnot applic­a­ble
EndoHStrep­to­myces plicatus3.2.1.96

To obtain a quote, please con­tact us at info(at) indi­cat­ing name of the cell line of inter­est to you. We will revert to you with a ded­i­cat­ed offer spec­i­fy­ing deliv­ery times and costs.