ARTES offers a range of enzyme producing cell lines and processes for out-licensing and technology transfer. All listed cell lines are based on our safe and high yield yeast expression systems Hansenula polymorpha or E.coli.

NameDonor organismEC number
Phy­taseAspergillus ficuum3.1.3.8
CalB LipaseCandida antarctica3.1.1.3
Endoglu­canase IITrichoderma reesei3.2.1.4
D-Galactose-1-DehydrogenaseXanthomonas campestris1.1.1.48
3-alpha-Hydroxysteroid-DehydrogenasePseudomonas spec.
Cel­lobio­hy­dro­lase ITrichoderma viride3.2.1.91
Cel­lobio­hy­dro­lase IITrichoderma reesei3.2.1.91
Endoglu­canase ITrichoderma reesei3.2.1.4
alpha-MannosidaseAspergillus saitoi3.2.1.113
alpha-AmylaseSchwanniomyces occidentalis3.2.1.1
endo-ß-1,4-XylanasePenicillium simplicissimum3.2.1.8
Endoglycosidase HStreptomyces plicatus3.2.1.96

To obtain a quote, please contact us at info(at) indicating name of the cell line of interest to you. We will revert to you with a dedicated offer specifying delivery times and costs.