Exclusive Cooperation between ARTES and the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences

Langenfeld/Lviv, August 5th, 2009

ARTES announced today that it has signed an exclusive Marketing Agreement with the Institute of Cell Biology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Matter of the agreement is that the NAS technology based on the yeast organism Hansenula polymorpha is now exclusively marketed and licensed by ARTES Biotechnology worldwide except for Ukraine.

The technology licensed to ARTES covers new expression tools as well as production cell lines for various products, a.o. HepB antigen and Arginase. With this agreement ARTES expands its Hansenula technology platform and gains access to new processes and products.

“With the input from NAS”, said Michael Piontek the managing director from ARTES, “we are now once again able to broaden up our expertise in the Hansenula research field. This newest collaboration enables us even more to expand our previous offer and especially with the view of East-European markets we had won an important academic research partner.”