Escherichia coli

For the expression of a recombinant protein in a bacterial system, ARTES provides a highly efficient E. coli platform. The platform is characterized with a host/vector toolbox for optimal expression and with the ability to release recombinant proteins into the culture supernatant.

Because of the releasing feature, the identification and purification of the recombinant protein after fermentation is much easier than in a normal E. coli fermentation process. After fermentation, the protein will be found in the supernatant of the broth. For the purification process, steps as cell disruption or folding and refolding will not be necessary any more. The secretion property of our E. coli system flows directly into the efficiency of production costs for the manufacturing of the recombinant product of our client.

Hansenula polymorpha

ARTES uses one of the most important industrial expression systems, the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha (syn. Pichia angusta). For our platform technology, we have all relevant IP rights as well as unpatent know-how. Our expertise is on trouble-shooting and project management. ARTES ensures 100% freedom-to-operate for all clients and licensees and guarantees a smooth and high standard project progress.

Features of Hansenula technology platform:

  • large toolbox (e.g. expression vectors, secretion signals, chaperones)
  • stable co-expression of multiple genes
  • high copy production cell lines with up to 120 genes per cell
  • 100% stability of production cell lines for so far > 25 years
  • absence of allergens, toxins and viral contaminations
  • secreted products without contaminating host cell proteins (> 90% purity in fermentation broth)
  • high yield production of intra-cellular soluble proteins
  • metabolic engineering for design of whole-cell biocatalysts
  • organism known at and recommended by a.o. US-FDA, EMA, EFSA and WHO
  • antibiotic resistance free host vector system