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ARTES backs “Initiative against Corona”

Nev­er again 2020: Let’s get vac­ci­nat­ed — “Ini­tia­tive against Coro­na” calls for vac­ci­na­tions Health ser­vice provider NOVENTI and the four lead­ing vac­cine man­u­fac­tur­ers in Ger­many want to increase the population’s will­ing­ness to vac­ci­nate through a Ger­many-wide cam­paign — “Dis­pute must give way to fac­tu­al clar­i­fi­ca­tion” posters for all 19,000 phar­ma­cies in Ger­many, among oth­ers “Nev­er again […]

ARTES and Burnet Institute publish data on production and immunogenicity of malaria transmission-blocking vaccine candidates

ARTES Biotech­nol­o­gy and Bur­net Insti­tute recent­ly pub­lished data on the effi­cient pro­duc­tion of malar­ia vac­cine can­di­dates using virus-like par­ti­cles (VLP) pre­sent­ing malar­ia trans­mis­sion-stage anti­gens, which were capa­ble of induc­ing trans­mis­sion-block­ing antibodies.

ARTES attends BioEurope Spring 2019

Meet us at the Bio-Europe Spring 2018 tak­ing place in Vien­na, Aus­tria March 25 ‑27. Volk­er Jen­zelews­ki, Direc­tor Tech­nol­o­gy at ARTES, will be present in the One-on-One Part­ner­ing pre­sent­ing ARTES’ inno­v­a­tive range of cell line and process devel­op­ment solu­tions for bio-phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and vac­cine products.