ARTES was part of a successful international consortium

EU Research Project Nano3Bio sums up: Promising achievements for winning future raw materials Since fossil raw materials are rapidly running out, their substitution by renewable resources is becoming increasingly important. In this process, the biological production of raw materials will have to play a leading role. The international project Nano3Bio, including ARTES Biotechnology has contributed […]

ARTES received next grant of patent for METAVAX®

ARTES is pleased to announce a new EU based grant of patent for their well-proven virus-like-particle (VLP) technology platform METAVAX®. “The new patent integrates exactly in our existing patent portfolio and will further strengthen our technology offer”, said Dr. Melanie Piontek, Business Development Director of ARTES. “In combination with our proprietary yeast expression technology our […]


A consortium of 5 companies and the Fraunhofer-Institut für Lasertechnik ILT, aim to develop under the name of WAVESCATTER („Winkelauflösende Wellenleiter-Streulichtsonde für die Inline-Prozessanalytik“) a new kind of scattered light sensor for precise inline particle analytic. The project will be funded for a three year period by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research […]