Strategic collaboration deal for vaccine development

ARTES Biotech­nol­o­gy, spe­cial­ized in recom­bi­nant pro­tein pro­duc­tion and process devel­op­ment in micro­bial expres­sion sys­tems, start­ed a devel­op­ment col­lab­o­ra­tion for two vac­cines togeth­er with glob­al bio­phar­­­ma-ceu­ti­­­cal com­pa­ny Cru­cell. Cru­cell is focused on the research & devel­op­ment, pro­duc­tion and mar­ket­ing of vac­cines and anti­bod­ies against infec­tious dis­ease world­wide. Aim of the long-term research coop­er­a­tion is a new-prod­uct […]

ARTES and NL join in a strategic collaboration and co-marketing alliance

ARTES, spe­cial­ized in recom-binant pro­tein pro­duc­tion and process devel­op­ment from yeast expres­sion sys­tems and the US based com­pa­ny NL Biotech-nolo­­­gies, own­er and spe­cial­ized in cer­tain tech-nolo­­­gies for pro­duc­tion of vac­cines and diag­nos­tic pro­teins start­ed a strate­gic col­lab­o­ra­tion. With sign­ing this col­lab­o­ra­tion agree­ment the two com­pa­nies com­bine their know-how and tech­nolo­gies in yeast expres-sion, process and […]

New Scientific Board Member

Prof. PhD David Ander­son Bur­net Insti­tute, Mel­bourne, Aus­tralia, Deputy Direc­tor, Bur­net Senior Prin­ci­pal Fel­low. Pro­fes­sor Ander­son is an expert in Micro­bi­ol­o­gy and Mol­e­c­u­lar Virol­o­gy. He has focused his work on under­stand­ing the struc­ture and assem­bly of hepati­tis virus­es, and the use of this infor­ma­tion to design bet­ter diag­nos­tics, vac­cines and antivi­ral ther­a­pies for con­trol of […]